Taking the reds of late summer through Autumn – Red Currant infused vinegar

Red Currant Infused Vinegar

It is easy to add flavour to your larder with infused vinegars, and because of the base ingredient the shelf life is long and does not require refrigeration. Vinegar is a good kitchen medium that can be used to prolong the flavours of blossoms, fruits and herbs from spring and summer throughout the rest of the year. (See Chive Blossom Vinegar) Vinegar is a wonderful spice. It helps balance the digestive tract, promotes skin health and is said to balance appetite. It also is an excellent addition to multiple sauces, vinaigrettes, reductions, conserves and warm dishes.

Red Currants are a powerful and colourful end of summer fruit, with a particular tang. They are a mouthwatering paring to Dark Chocolate, make lovely jams and when infused into white wine vinegar, impeccably lend their bright red-pink tones, which are a tickle to the eye and the pallet. I use this easy to make delicatessen often in my kitchen and many times even surprise myself with its delicate taste.

Red Currant: Ribes rubrum
Deciduous shrub (winter hardy) with yellow blossoms, baring fruit mid to late summer
Native to: parts of western Europe (Belgium, France, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, northern Italy, northern Spain, Portugal and Poland)
Potential health benefits: Fiber, potassium, magnesium, vitamin C
Good planting companion: other fruit baring trees

Red Currant infused Vinegar

500 gm Red Currants
150 gm brown sugar
1 L White Wine Vinegar

Carefully wash the Red Currants under cold running water and take the fruits off the stems, discarding any damaged fruit. Add all the ingredients to a pot and take to a boil. Lower the heat and simmer for about 10 minutes. Transfer the infused vinegar into a blow, passing it through a sieve to remove all the solids. You can press through the fruit that is caught in the sieve with a wood spoon if you would like your end vinegar to be a little cloudy. If not, just strain and discard the fruit pulp. Pour the warm vinegar through a funnel into a clean bottle with tight lid and close right away. Let cool and store out of direct sunlight.


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