Arepas Andinas without Pisca: unwastefully-delicious-leftovers-soup tweak

leche caliente-el-calamar-arepas-andinas

Arepas Andinas on the cast iron pan, and in the foreground, a particular whisk that I got for Xmas 2013


  1. I love your whisk!!! How had this incredible idea??? Love you 🙂 Beautiful post and ultra super delicious breakfast, I wish I where there sharing it with you.

    • Bubu

      Thank you love! The whisk was not only a beautiful gift from you, but also as you requested, I used it in a Herd und ofen post.

      Whilst twiddling with it in the kitchen, I remembered our holiday conversations about warm winter soups, cold summer soups and all sorts of soups. We talked about so many. Chupe, Gaspacho, Ajo Blanco, Sancocho, Vatapa, with meat, with fish and Pisca Andina to mention a few. Then as I played more and more with the thought and was taking photographs of the calamar whisk, I remembered another friend, Amalia Caputo, who had asked me for the recipe for the Arepas Andinas, sorry to admit quite some time ago. So the Arepas Andinas cooking behind the Calamar whisk, our soup conversation and writing about food all came together. Food, what an inspiration. Thank you again Caroline.

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